December 29, 2009


1. Congrats to our friends Brett & Jess for getting engaged on Dec 22nd!!!We are sooooooo extremely happy for them!!! Brett FINALLY popped the question!!! Jess' ring is gorgeous!!! Enjoy cloud 9!!! Hugs! :)

2. Totally purchased this adorable red hat for NYC next weekend for Natalie's 30th birthday! It may not keep me entirely warm but it's adorable don't ya think? :)
3. YAY! Natalie loved the scarf I sent her for Christmas! Thanks for the phone pic!
4. Thanks again to Adam for watching the animals (Kippy on his shoulder & Boo on the computer desk) while we were in VA for Christmas! Adam sent us this phone pic with the caption "Best Friends"- Love it!

5. REAL WORLD DC-DEC 30.....I haven't watched The Real World in sooo long, but since they are filming in DC (pretty much my home town) I will DEF be watching it this season!

6. NOTA "DOWN".....from The Sing Off.....What a talented group!

7. EVIAN ROLLER BABIES (Thanks Eve-I sooo stole this from you!)

8. SEX AND THE CITY 2 trailer! Yesss! Can't wait!

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