December 1, 2009


Enough said! Watch it!
HS Reunion season 3 will be back in Jan! Such a great show!
My boss knows how much I'm obsessed w/ GLEE. He brought me over 2 magazines w/ 2 great articles in them!
PS: Someone stole my fruit cup out of the community fridge here at work....are you kidding me??? Grow up. HA geeeze.


Clegg Family said...

Hi Shannon-
Thanks for stoppin by my blog! :)

To answer your question, I do use a form of Photoshop- Adobe Bridge CS4. The only things I adjust are contrast, vibrance (for a boost of color) & occassionally exposure or fill light if my pic was a bit under/over- exposed. I don't usually do more than that, but only cause I don't know how. :)

Congrats on getting married- it's fun, huh?! GLEE ROCKS!

Yvonne said...

Agreed, on all 3! for sure!

and how gay. really? I mean, if you're gonna steal some food (which is super sh*tty) you might as well steal something like... a bucket of chicken. Something more filling and worth the burglary! lol