December 22, 2009


That a year ago today, after work, around 7pm or so Steve was going to propose to me! :) That's right; it's our 1 year engagement anniversary! It's OK to have one of those isn't it? Who cares if not. I'm declaring it. HA! To make the story VERY short & sweet....we were getting things ready/packed around our 1st apartment to head back to VA/WV for Christmas (just like this year). I had gotten home from work a lil late & found Steve waiting for me to open up our gifts for each other since we weren’t going to bring them with us on our trip. We went back & forth opening each other's presents....about my 6th gift or so I opened up a box that had an engraved ornament that had our names and the day's date 12*22*08 on it. I had no idea what it meant...I was clueless! Until of course Steve got down on one knee, pulled out my ring, swooned me with bunch of heartfelt words & proposed!!! It was of course a super special night to remember! Here is the photo of us right after it happened....we were both on cloud 9!

This is our engagement slideshow for viewing pleasures...turn up the volume!

Last night we went to Yamato our favorite low key Japanese/Sushi place to celebrate a lil.... As always we had a really nice time together! :)

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