December 4, 2009


Here are the photos from Thanksgiving in family had no idea that Steve & I were going to walk through the door that morning. We actually stopped in PA the night before to see Brett, Jess & Niki! Unf I didn't take any photos with Good times all in all though... :) .....In backwards order...(CLICK ON EACH PHOTO TO ENLARGE)

Dinner @ Ruby Tues w/ Steve, Jay, Amanda & Justin!
Me & Amanda
Jay, Me, Amanda & Justin
Lunch @ Jackson's in Reston Town Center w/ Steve & Natalie!
Natalie & Me
The Vaughan/Wampler/Wesley females...
Visit w/ Pam, Joe & lil RMD...she is sooo adorable!

Thanksgiving 2009 in Springfield, VA @ my Aunt & Uncle's house...
Me & my Mom

Steve & Madeline playin' around...
Me & Maddy my niece
A before Christmas yankee/white elephant gift swap/exchange! My Mom...stealing the foot spa Steve brought...BUT wanted back!
My cousin Jesse & his gf Carly
My Dad...If I remember correctly he received the fabulous sweater from the thrift shop! HA!
Steve & Maddy
My cousin Jennifer & her bf Shami
My deep thought playing the game!
Love this photo! (Maddy, Lou, Ash, Carly & Jesse) Everyone cracking up after my Grandmother stole the gift my Grandfather got bc she didnt want the one she had...not knowing she would end up having to keep both gifts! She didnt understand the game & didnt know she should have stolen someone's else's gift so she could keep 2 good gifts! Too funny...
My sister Ashley...
My Grandfather...
ME! :) High thread count sheets! But they got stolen from me... :(
My cousin Kelly! Who will be 13 next week! Crazy how time flies!
Me & Ash
Steve took this photo of everyone eating...insert him in the empty chair @ the bottom left corner of the photo...
Had to sneak this one in....a few days before Thanksgiving...before heading out for my 29th birthday celebration dinner! :)

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