December 10, 2009


Who is this might you ask??? Maybe you don't recognize her w/o her famous curls & with her new shaggy bangs.... Keep thinking.... Yep.............It's lil miss Taylor Swift! She looks amazing! Sooo different! I barely recognized her, just like the paparazzi did when they captured this photo!
I bet you are surprised I haven't blogged about Tiger. All I have to say is...Picture Perfect families are NEVER perfect. You never know what goes on "behind the scenes". It's just all sooo sad, disturbing & unfortunate. His squeaky clean image has gone down the drain...I feel awful for this wife...poor thing.....Why do people get married or even be in a relationship if they are going to cheat??? I don't get it.

Jessica Simpson PLUS Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins...what an interesting match! BUT whatever floats your boat right?


Meesh's Photo Blog said...

Love the picture of Taylor, she looks so grown up with the hair change!

elcw said...

um all I can say about Jessica Simpson & Billy Corgan is GA-ROSS! She should have stuck with Nick Lachey! ;o)

Tiger Woods is a JACKASS and UM I'm not sure how I feel about Taylor's looks like a wig to me... anyone else? I bet it was nice for her not to be recognized!