January 5, 2010


Michael Cera of Juno, ect. get's a makeover by the cast of "Jersey Shore"! TOO FREAKIN FUNNY!

I have never actually watched the Jersey Shore but have heard a lot about it! I’ve especially heard about “the situation” (thanks Joe C) over & over! But from what I have seen online & in magazines I seriously despise the hair styles that the guys sport on that show! I just don’t get it?!?!?!?! That look is sooooooo not attractive. What’s odd is that a lot of guys around this area up North sport that hair style as well. EWWW. Put down the hairspray & blow dryer if you are a male. PLEASE. :)


Mrs in Training said...

I must confess, I am addicted to this trainwreck of a show - I can't look away! Those pictures are hilarious - Pauly D looks so happy in that second picture to be using so much hairspray!

I agree about it not being an attractive look at all.

elcw said...

And please grow some sideburns!!!!! They cut their side burns funny!!! YUCK! Victoria Gotti's kids style their hair that way... YUCK!

Yvonne said...

lol agreed. not a fan. i actually watch this show... trapped myself with the first episode. it's sort of like a train wreck. kinda gets boring after awhile tho