January 5, 2010


I am soooooooooo digging this year's The Bachelor! I became a HUGE fan of Jake just in the 1st 5 mins of the show! He seems like such a sweet, genuine, caring, head on his shoulders, down to earth & romantic kind of guy! Love the line....Nice guys don't finish last, they just have to wait a lil longer...as he said....Awww. I hope he finds true love! With who might you ask??? (see below)
Ali! (the one w/ the peacock feather) Her contestant video was the 1st one shown! She had a cute lil strapless dress on w/ boots running up a hill...She's just adorable & natural! She didn't need to do gymnastics or prance around in a bikini like the other girls...I'm guessing she will stick around for most of the season...maybe she will even be THE girl for Jake!.....OH YES.....I just LOVED her pale yellow dress!


Meesh's Photo Blog said...

I was shocked "michelle" got a rose...she was a little too emotional, although she has really pretty eyes. The girl who got the first impression rose (or whatever it's called) seemed so sweet!

Sharon said...

ohhhh I loved the show! I made Pourya watch it with me and he got hooked too. haha.

I liked Ali too. Did you know the girl who wore the co-pilot outfit is a teacher at Robinson High School in Fairfax?

nataliegracie said...