January 5, 2010


Remember that red hat I purchased online recently for NY? Well it came in the mail yesterday. I opened it up & became very confused....it looked like more then half of the hat was missing! I didn’t get it...until I examined it closely & found a button....then i realized it wasn’t exactly a "hat-hat"...It's more of a warmer for your ears & 1/2 of your head.... HA! Check it out....After figuring out how to put this contraption on i realized i think its even more adorable then before!

Just picked these whitening strips up @ CVS last night! They disolve in your mouth just after 10 mins, while leaving a minty clean feeling behind....What's even better is that they don't hurt my sensitive teeth! YAY! Justin-have you tried these???

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Sarah Dempsey said...

Love the "hat" - I got two of those for Christmas (purple & brown) and get tons of compliments! You will love it! I definitely have to try those strips - I use Crest White Strips and they hurt! Happy New Year! :)