January 13, 2010


I am busting out laughing as I'm typing this....let me just say that Justin is one of my best friends in the entire world from Virginia. I can RARELY get or stay mad @ him. He is SUPER funny & SUPER unique. (Please say SUPER w/ a lisp. Thanks.).....Every now & then he will leave me the most random voicemails in his funny voices. Last night he left me a voicemail on my desk phone @ work. I had the pleasure of listening to it this morning when I walked in the door. Just a few mins ago I replayed it roughly 10 times & typed it out word for word to share with you. What a nut he is! :) Please keep in mind, some of this doesn't even make sense...again, this is word for word.

"Hi Mrs. Danis
This is Peterman from the corporate office. uh I'm sorry to have to do this, uh basically its not working out, I'm sorry were gonna have to let you go (insert giggle here). Were basically gonna come ransack your stuff and uh throw it in dumpsters by tomorrow morning,. If you do not receive that message by then. If you come into the office and uh people are looking at you weird and all your stuff is still in the cubicles, you might just want to sit down look around and realize that you just got fired uh. And by the way could you tell Linda (my Mom) that she is just a great woman and that Roy (my Dad) is an excellent great man, I mean I love them, they are awesome. But once again, you’ve been fired; we had to let you go, sorry it’s just not working out between us. So please do not come into work tomorrow, if you do, just come in and leave. Once you realize what’s really going on. Thank you, bye bye, Mrs. Danis anus. (<---my lovely nickname)"

PS: Justin-I have saved the message to play over & over on good days & bad... to bring a smile to my face (at the least) & to remind me of your crazy ass! :)

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Becca Lynn said...

Justin is the hardest person in the world to be mad at. He has done so many things to keep me laughing over the years. He just came over and moved my table and met our little puppy. JK - the Nasty Menace