January 6, 2010


These are some of my true true true friends! They have been there for me throughout the (boys & moves included) years! Each time I come home they are ready to hang out..... & get a lil crazy! I love being me around them! I surely hope they all come visit me once the weather gets warmer! :) When Steve & I went back for Christmas we all got together & went to Centreville Ned Devine’s to drink, sing, dance & eat (sorry for the taco bell mess Justin & Amanda) the night away! Amanda, Justin, Paul, Billy, Rebecca, Matt & Jay.....thank you for keeping me young, immature & fun! :)

This just cracks me up...must have been late night!
Rockin' out
Piggy Back ride time
Gangsta poses on the heated deck
What a stud he is...lay off of him Amanda & Rebecca! ;)
"Yeeeaaahhh Your Sex is On Fire"
Jay (& his pimp hat) & Amanda
Matt & his girl dancin' up a storm!
Me & "tall" Paul's famous pose
The (silly) boys...Steve, Billy, Justin & a guest appearance by Chris Tonkinson
Justin, Me & Billy
Buddies...Steve & Justin
Me & Rebecca!
Billy's got some moves
He loves to choke me.
And hug me.

1 comment:

elcw said...

I must say the butt cheek spread pose cracks me up EVERY time I see it... with out fail! Steve looks like he is trying rip you in two!