May 18, 2010


WOW was the La Rumba Party Bus for Sean's 30th birthday in NYC a BLAST!!! OH MY GOD! I sooo would LOVE to have all of my friends & family meet me in NYC for my 30th (even if I had to celebrate early) to create the same memories we created this past Saturday! What a great idea this was! Picture this...a random Mexican party bus roaming the streets of NY. Catching the eye of residents & tourists throughout almost every street in between each bar stop. I honestly could not stop smiling & laughing! I REALLY & I mean REALLY enjoyed looking out of the bus while waving to each & every person that we passed by. People were laughing, pointing & taking photos! Some even ran up to the bus to say hi or give high fives! HA! It was DEF a night to remember! I'm sure the birthday boy would have to agree! His wife Meghan was a WONDERFUL host & WONDERFUL planner! Speaking of wonderful...we LOVED hanging out with Meghan & Sean's crew again. They are all such nice, fun people! We can't wait to go back! Here are a bunch of photos...feel free to check out my FB album, there are a ton more that you don't want to miss! :)

Sara, Meghan, Mary & Me on their roof top deck! What a view!
Me :)
Alex Rodriguez's high rise bldg! YES, he actually lives up there!
Cool art work.
Jesse breakin' it down...
Me & the beautiful Meghan! Umm is it just me or do I look stiff? HA!
Me & Steve, awwwe.
NYC streets...
Girlies! Jen & Vanessa
The birthday boy Sean!
Meghan & Steve @ "Red Sky" ( Meghan & Sean's friends who hung out with us own it!
Group shot!
Steve jammin'...HA.
Sara, Mary & Jesse

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