May 20, 2010


Remember the "Anchor Away" nautical themed necklace I gave away? Well my lucky winner was Katelyne who lives in Canada. Unfortunately I learned that shipping something to Canada is VERY expensive, in my eyes at least. I had to inform Katelyne of this who graciously told me to go ahead & pick another winner. Soooo the necklace is still up for grabs! If you are located in the US that is! :) For those of you who tried to win it last time you will still be in the drawing! At the same time though I am going to give my other readers a few more days to try & win this cute accessory! All you gotta do is become a follower (see the right side of my page) & leave a comment on THIS blog entry w/ your contact info. That's it! GOOD LUCK!!!

FYI: Here is the original "Anchor Away" giveaway post!


Robin said...

I don't think I entered last time, but I'll enter this time! I have been a follower for a looong time!

Check out my blog, too, Shannon! I'll start doing giveaways once I have enough followers!

Heather said...

What a lovely necklace, I would la la LOVE to win!