May 7, 2010


To all my readers out there! Don't forget! Sunday is MOTHER'S DAY!!! :).....Happy (early) Mother's Day Mom!!! You KNOW how much we love you. Glad you enjoyed your gifts over the past few days! ;) Miss you lots---as always!, we didn't get my mom this giant cookie but we did have a pretty hot pink orchid planted in an adorable baby pink polka dot tea cup delivered to her today---my sis & I wanted her to be able to enjoy it all weekend long! On top of the flowers we ordered the necklace below from "Jessie McCann" on Etsy! We also ordered this for Steve's mom as well! She will receive hers tomorrow... Of course the necklace shown is only an example. This has been one of my favorite finds...we have given this personalized piece of jewelry to a few people actually. So far everyone has LOVED it! Thank you Jessie McCann!!!

Jessie McCann:

Besides Mother's Day on Sunday...myself, Steve, Brett & Jess (who are in town visiting from PA) are heading to the SOX vs. YANKEES game in Boston! Keep a look out for us on TV! ;) Super excited about this game! Although not so excited that we are going to get home sooo boss is going to love me Monday morning. HA!.....In between all of this we have a few random small things going on. All in all I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend!

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