May 14, 2010


Apparently my husband is a prankster. He got me good this morning! Picture this...I walk into the kitchen after getting ready for work to find him sweeping the kitchen floor. No big deal-he does this a lot since our bird Kippy always makes a big mess. So I dart around him & head over to the coffee pot to fill up my to-go coffee mug. I pour the coffee, pour the milk, add the sugar & stir. As soon as I'm done screwing on the top I glance over & see this MASSIVE cockroach sitting to the left of my hand!!! I actually didn’t scream but I did gasp, squeal and jump back a lil! I looked at it & thought HOLY SH*T that thing is big! Then...I looked closer & realized it wasn’t real. I whipped my head around to look @ Steve & found him standing behind me cracking up! THEN it hit me! HA! I went over to him to playfully beat him up! ;) Then I laughed & said...."good one", you got me you a**hole"!

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