May 13, 2010


Did you know that Nappy Roots (remember "Awnaw"???), Eminem & Bone Thugs & Harmony have either come out w/ a new CD or are just about to? Pretty TIGHT huh? :) Super excited! Esp about Nappy Roots & Bone. Oh the memories of those two...right Justin?...........Besides this I have 2 songs in my head lately..."All I do Is Win" by DJ Khaled & "Airplanes" by B.o.B..........oh wait, I have a 3 songs...."I Want To" by Weezer. Check them all out if you haven't heard them yet!

Steve sent me this phone pic after he left work the other day! These lil ducklings are always in his work parking lot @ the corporate headquarters of CVS! Too cute! I told him I wanted one.

Did anyone see Betty White host SNL this past weekend??? She rocked it!!! All of her skits were hilarious! Gooo Betty!

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