March 19, 2010


SPRING IS HERE! YAY! It's just gorgeous outside! I ate lunch @ a picnic table w/ my friend/co-worker Stephanie for the 1st time this year. We were soooooooo excited to sit under the sun & smell the fresh air!.....My day is flying by....thank goodness since we have a fun filled gorgeous weathered weekend ahead of us! Jess & Brett are arriving tonight from PA-the gang is coming over to our house to hang out-hopefully on our back deck!....Tomorrow my Aunt Angie will be here to start the process of our wedding gift. She's lending her green thumb to help us landscape our yard a bit! Freakin’ awesome huh? On top of that our fabulous neighbor will be back again to help Steve finish up more of the electrical work in our soon to be finished basement. Sunday I am doing a photo shoot for Jess & her 2 sisters, then Sunday night I have a work event that I'm actually pretty excited about-plus overtime is always a plus!....On top of all of this there is a lil somethin' somethin' else....but I'll share that with you next week....dun dun dun..... :)..........Hello 70*, I love you.


Mrs in Training said...

If you have any pictures/directions or other tips or insight into finishing your basement, I would LOVE to hear it. Tyler wants to do ours this summer, and is very unsure where to begin! Is it something 4 boys with basic tool knowledge but are good at following directions could handle??

Hope Chella said...

I love this point of view. Very Disney's Alice in Wonderland :)