March 23, 2010


Here are just a "few" shots from my sister's photo shoot! I'll upload part 2 tomorrow so I can share them with you! Click on each photo to enlarge.....Do you like? Love? Hate?.......I personally am VERY pleased with these!!! I love how her floral dress matches the blue wall perfectly! We had sooo much fun! We really lucked out with the gorgeous weather on Saturday! It's crazy how much natural sunlight makes a HUGE difference in the photos I have taken. I heart sunlight-even more then I realized. As some of you know I haven’t started charging my clients yet. I'm still learning LOTS. But I wonder...since several people have asked how much I charge...when should I start? And how much? I'd love to make some extra money hopefully sooner then later. I know that there are professionals out there that charge $300 plus! What do you think would be a fair price for me to charge if I started doing so this Spring? What would YOU pay for my services? $100, $150, $200??? When do I draw the line of doing photos for friends for FREE? When do I really start turning this hobby into an actual business? I’m all ears.

Here is the FULL album....part 2 will be added this evening.

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Stacey said...

Hey- I think you have very creative pictures with a great use of color... I would definitely start charging- photographers around here are about 125 for the session and 150-200 for the right to the prints. Most average around 300 total (this is just average photo sessions not weddings or senior pics or babies...) Maybe start around 150 for everything and work your way up from there. My brother in law advertises his services on craigslist and does REALLY well with it! He is going through med school and needed a supplement- and this is working great for him. Hopefully something of this will help- Good Luck!