March 10, 2010


Did you know you can SUPER MOLD yourself through Old Navy? Try it out!

This is me!
And this is my sister!
Remember the movie "Corrina Corrina". It was on TV the other day. I could watch this over and over.

THIS is what lil "Molly" looks like now a days....

I could also watch "My Father the Hero" over & over again....can you believe this beauty is THE Katherine Heigl?

RIP Corey Haim... drugs just aren't cool.
Amy found this funky vintage piece @ an antique store recently! I must go check this chair out!

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robinschuh said...

My Father the Hero is one of my FAVORITE movies of all time!!!! Love that you love it!! It is HILARIOUS... especially when Gerard is playing "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" on the piano....aaaaaaaahahahahahah