March 2, 2010


I watched the final episode of "The Bachelor" last night in shock, anger & disbelief! Jake picked Vienna (Bleh.) over Tenley. Therefore he never even flew his plane plane to go get Ali. I don't get it. Booo.....At least Ali' s gonna be the new Bachelorette! Guess her boss won't mind her being gone even longer this time around huh? Odd...... I wonder though, what's going to happen to Tenley & her broken heart? Poor poor sweet girl. I hope she finds true love one day. :)
Jake's new fiance' Vienna...
The ring by Neil Lane.

Poor Ali....before she left on her own of course....we will see her back in May though!

After the show the new "Dancing With The Stars" cast was revealed for 2010. The line-up includes Miss Erin Andrews. Steve's very excited about this. He hearts Erin.

*** Check this out! My Dad sent it to me! Very cool. It's actually very similar to those cool posters back in 7th/8th grade. Kristen Bane had them in her room! Does anyone remember? You had to kinda cross your eyes a bit to see the image...they were very popular! What were they???


Mrs in Training said...

I was REALLY hoping Tenley was going to be the 11th announced contestant for DWTS! Jake?! BLECH. Over him and his terrible judgement in women! And I think it is SO neat that you were in a commercial! Go you!

Elie's Papel said...

i missed the episode last night and had to watch it on the computer... not the same at all!

Redhead in Heels said...

Ali works (or worked) for Facebook! How weird is it that they wouldn't let her stay on the show.

Meesh's Photo Blog said...

I knew that Ali would be the next Bachelorette! The whole "leaving" scene was fake and set up by the show b/c they wanted her for next season.