March 10, 2010


All about me... :)

*~*I’m pretty shy until you get to know me.....the simplest things make me happy, I love romance, I’m such a sucker for anything romantic-the smallest things really get to me, I love strawberry smoothies, I love my family, I love mt. dew, I love greeting cards, I love little white chapels, I love the color purple, I love laughing so hard that my stomach hurts, I love classic cars, I love to redecorate, I love wings, I love coffee, I love taking walks, I love the #6, I love spending time with people that mean the most to me, I love vacations, I love fashion, I love the beach & warm places, I love music-all kinds, I love singing in my car when no one can hear me & going to concerts, I love chocolate covered strawberries, I love sunflowers, I love going Blonde in the summer & spring & Brunette in the fall & winter, I love dancing-only when I’m drunk or when there are a ton of people around, I absolutely love hotel rooms-they are always so much fun to stay in, I love Dorothy's ruby red slippers, I love coors light, I love good long hugs & meaningful kisses-nothing compares to having that someone special really kiss you, I love Chinese food, I love listening to thunderstorms & watching them from outside, I love high-fives, I love the smell of snow, I love red bull, I love bubble baths, I love shopping by hitting up the sale racks-I’m a great bargain shopper, I love my girlfriends-I miss them all dearly-any second I can get with my girls means the world to me, I love traveling, I love strawberry & vanilla candles, I love amusement parks-roller coasters are my favorite, I love animals-I hope to buy a puppy of my own some day-right now my cat Boo is my baby, I love sushi, I love movies & going to sporting events, I love the feeling of falling in & being in love, I absolutely love my Redskins, Orioles & Nationals, I love my yellow lancer, I love interior design, I love strawberries & whipped cream w/ angel food cake, I love staying at home & relaxing or getting dressed up & going out on the town, I love red wine, I love taking pictures, I love Marilyn Monroe, I love getting my nails & hair done- I love feeling pretty & good about myself even if I don’t have anywhere to go, I love the thought of growing old with someone I love, it scares some people but not me, I look forward to starting a family some day & really starting & sharing my life w/ my husband Steven…*~*

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Ashley said...

wtf... you dont love me... i think i deserve an entire blog entry dedicated to me... do it.