March 4, 2010


I was going to take a break from blogging today. I had a rough night last night & am having a so-so morning.....but something hit I started typing.....

Sometimes I make too much of an effort towards...pretty much anything. At times I get disappointed easily bc the effort isn't returned.

Sometimes we can't say "no" to things. We pack so much into our lives leaving us with lil time to just sit back & enjoy ourselves.

Somtimes I come full circle....I've been reacquainted with the feeling of missing home & my friends (my family too of course) A LOT. I get "jealous" that Steve has all of his friends at arms length-guys & girls; he can hang with them any time-week nights or weekends. I'm also "jealous" that he gets to show off our house to all of them. I wish I could do that.

Sometimes I feel warn down, this winter has flown by, which is a good thing, but we have been doing so much that I have become sick & achy quite a bit over the past few months. I never get sick, never. On top of my personal life being so busy, work has been extremely busy as well. Again, it's hard for me to say "no".

Sometimes these things add up all at once, of course it happens that way...that's just how it is....Sometimes the frustrations & sad feelings consume me.

This new song & video by Lady Antebellum puts me @ ease, I could listen to it over & over. It's so fresh & warm; it makes me want to close my eyes in the passenger seat while driving with the windows rolled gives me hope of having a better day tomorrow, which I know will happen, it always does, so no worries.

"American Honey"

I really like this find...I "borrowed" it from .....Thank you, I enjoyed reading it. I just had to share.

In the mean time I think I'm going to "cool it" for a while...sometimes reaching out, working "too" hard & making an effort, again, towards anything really, is sooo exhausting...I’m just gonna lay low, drink my hot tea, take some meds & maybe say "no" for once this weekend. I can't always make everyone happy...boooo to me always trying to be a people pleaser & caring....I wonder how my life would be if i never gave a sh*t.....I need some down time, down time would def be good for me. Lots of sleep & NOT working on my infamous "to do" list.


me said...

if you never gave a shit, your life would be like mine. its not fantastic either big sister, maybe we can learn from each other. I'm starting to make effort, and your trying to take a step back... where did that get us?? BOSTON in a week. see you soon. love you more.

Care said...

have a "don't give a shit" weekend, Shannon and just light your to-do list on fire, turn on the music loud, dance and do whatever the F you want.

life is good... make it YOURS!